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Appointment Request

Use the form below to request a free assessment. If you already have a water treatment system, our technician will inspect the condition and evaluate its adequacy for your needs. We'll use this information to provide recommendations for any repairs, upgrades and maintenance. If you don't yet have a system, we will recommend an appropriate one for your home, rental villa or business.


WaterWorx takes a "roof to tap" approach to water quality. Your report will include an analysis and photos of the condition of your roof, gutters, downspouts, cistern, and existing water treatment system.


We will email your report as soon as possible, typically within a week of our visit.

You may add an analysis of the water directly from your cistern and/or from a point-of-use location/faucet for $35 per test. We test for 11 parameters, and the results will allow us to give more detailed recommendations. You will receive a water quality report for each sample.

Note: in the "Address" field, please type the physical address of the location (parcel number and estate).

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